ULV Cold Fogger

$ 799.00 USD
$ 799.00 USD
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Safely disinfect large areas within minutes with our powerful ULV Cold Fogger. Breaks up disinfectant liquid into tiny nanoparticles and disperses them into 10 Um (micrometer) size droplets. Outfitted with a large 2 liter tank and a rechargeable lithium battery, our fogger helps you keep your workplace and home safe.

How To Use
Fill liquid solution into the tank and fasten the tank cap (do not exceed the maximum tank capacity of 2 liters). Remove the panel on the right side of the unit and confirm the battery is charged. Turn on the battery power switch inside of the machine. Then press the red on/off switch on out outside of the device. When finished spraying the solution, remove the residual liquid and clean the tank with water, add a little water in the tank and turn on the machine, spray let fogger run for 1-2 minutes with the water to avoid blocks or to prevent corroding of the nozzle and piping.
Additional Information

Touchless disinfection in minutes

25 Foot Spraying Distance - Saves up to 50% of disinfectant solution use when compared with traditional foggers.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Light weight and easy to operate, the Medd Max ULV Cold fogger can operate for over 2 hours on a single charge and disinfect rooms in minutes.

Easy to Use - The machine is used for indoor and outdoor sanitation process that includes hotel, shopping malls, restaurants, family, schools, theaters, factory, hospitals, public transportation and places. Hazmat suits are not necessary. Using your fog machine is simple and easy.

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