Protective Safety Goggles

$ 12.99 USD
$ 12.99 USD

These wide visibility goggles will keep your eyes protected against liquids, UV light and small particles. The advanced anti-fog design ensures clear HD vision throughout use.

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  • DURABLE POLYCARBONATE LENS: This high quality, anti-fog, and scratch resistant material is perfect for work in a lab near harmful chemicals. Carpenters and woodworkers can work efficiently while maintaining clear vision, without fear of sharp materials reaching their eyes.
  • COMFORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Complete your work without irritation or discomfort caused by other heavy and hard plastic designs. The lightweight features will allow you to work for hours while forgetting that your safety goggles are even attached.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The attached elastic comfort strap makes these safety goggles the simple choice for everyone including children and adults.
  • FITS OVER GLASSES: Complete tasks safely without compromising your vision. The large and wide design allows these goggles to easily fit over any pair of prescription glasses.

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