Ultravoilet Disinfecting Wand

$ 69.95 USD
$ 69.95 USD

KILLS 99.99 % OF BACTERIA AND GERMS - Using the power of UVC light as an efficient sanitizer, our UV wand will eliminate almost all the bacteria and germs from whatever you're trying to clean

How To Use
With our UV sterilizer wand, deep disinfection has never been easier. Simply press and scan over whatever item you're looking to disinfect. No additional water, soap, chemicals or other cleaning solutions are needed.
Additional Information

Versatile sterilizer for all your daily items

Keep your wallet, books, desktops, backpack and car surfaces sterilized with this powerful disinfectant. Our UV wand sanitizer is easier to use than Lysol or Purell wipes. Plus, it's also less wasteful!

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A. Medd Max is located on Long Island, New York.

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